Study Music Group Radio on Spotify + a new & improved submission process.

If you’re a Spotify person, we’re compiling a continually updated playlist – Study Music Group Radio – which includes picks from the label & crew, things we’re digging locally and abroad, selections from the demo & submission pile and other odds n ends. Check out the tunes and like/follow the playlist below!

We’ve also recently partnered with Groover to upgrade and improve our submission process for demos, as well as podcast and playlist placements. You can find more details under the ‘contact’ tab up top or jump over to check out Groover here.

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Preview the last few episodes of Study Music Podcasts below.

Your Friend In The Apocalypse w/ Mister Stranger • Full Album Stream Study Music Podcasts

On this episode of Study Music Podcasts, we're going to be playing the concept album from rapper HMZA. & producer 5iLL teaming up as anti-hero Mister Stranger – "Mr Stranger Is Your Friend In The Apocalypse". The abstract hip hop project features apocalyptic themes and lyrics, head-nodding beats and distinctive artwork by Matt Jennings. Not to mention creative assists from a wide array of supporting characters like producer Chris Keys, rapper Denmark Vessey, DJs aallff1 & Kanizer, instrumentalist James Changa and others.At one point during the development of the project, group vocalist HMZA. kicked around the idea of releasing the album as a one track piece – like, one reeeeally long song, so to speak. The project is intended to be listened to in a particular order with storyline, skits, et cetera – but alas, the single track idea was abandoned by the time the albums release came around. So, here we are, a little over 1 year since the launch of Mister Stranger, and we're bringing the "mega-mix" version of the album here to the podcast. enjoy!Follow Folks on Socials: @_misterstranger @hasta_la_pasta @no_fare and find us @studymusicgroup on IG & @StudyMusicPods on twitterStudy Music Podcasts are made possible by:Your support in the Study Music Group bandcamp shop: use the code "STUDY" to save 10% on any purchase studymusicgroup.bandcamp.comDigit: AI-powered smart budgeting & saving – all in one easy to use app for iOS and Android. We use Digit at Study Music Group to automatically save & grow budgets for upcoming projects, label operations, merchandise, etc. Digit does all the work for you Use the SM x Digit link and we're hooking you up with the first $5 towards your saving or budgeting goals.StickerMule: Your One Stop Shop For All Sticker NeedsUse the SM x StickerMule link and get $10 store credit absolutely free!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
  1. Your Friend In The Apocalypse w/ Mister Stranger • Full Album Stream
  2. The Voice As An Instrument w/ ILLAJOY, Sophie Louise & Konstant • Mini Mix
  3. Chase Soundz • Artist Spotlight
  4. Dont Fret w/ Katharine Timoney • Single Spotlight
  5. On My Grind w/ D Breezy, Eloh and Ray Hooks • Single Spotlight

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