New Music from Poe & CTZN, SubjectJazz, Onewerd, Gee, Fly Cobb…

Fresh tunes from California, Texas and France this month.
Poe & CTZN.
Subjectjazz feat Gee of The Understudies.
Fly Cobb.

Poe & CTZN – Eyes On The Prize (Feat. Juan Alderete & Taka Tozawa)
Appears on their upcoming album ‘The Good News’.

Onewerd – Axiomatic
Title track from Onewerd’s instrumental debut. The first EP in a series.

SubjectJazz – Journal & Cafe RMX (feat. Gee [Understudies])

Fly Cobb – Knockin Em Loose b/w Instrumental – now available on Spotify and bandcamp. Spotify | bandcamp

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SM Podcast | S02 E02 with guest Kensho Kuma

Foss & E-Lit sit down with Kensho Kuma for a discussion on all sorts of stuff, including live performance ethics, fashion in hip hop, the weekly San Francisco party ‘Return of The Cypher’, his group 2FS w/ Orukusaki, teaching teachers how to teach, movies, sports, attractive females who also rap well and much much more in this 1 hr episode.


Poe & CTZN & Pete Cosmos share ‘Slash and Burn’ single+artwork, announce rollout of ‘The Good News’

‘Slash and Burn’ is the first single from ‘The Good News’, a collaborative project by California duo Poe & CTZN with illustrations by Boston artist Pete Cosmos, and co-starring Del The Funky Homosapien, Juan Alderete and Taka Tozawa from the Deltron 3030 crew.

‘The Record Press’ single from Low Hiss

‘The Record Press’ is the latest single from Low Hiss‘s SM debut ‘EP-303‘, a conceptual 12-track instrumental project which follows a vintage vinyl record through the production process from creation to shipping. Each of the tracks are fashioned primarily using the 303 model of the ‘SP’ sampler/drum machine, used by many producers to craft classic hip hop records, especially throughout the 90’s Golden Era and into the early 00’s.

EP-303 on iTunes:

Fly Cobb releases single ‘Knockin Em Loose’…

Fly Cobb has released a second single ahead of his debut album, titled ‘Knocking Em Loose’. His forthcoming project is called ‘Cold Ones & Rolled Ones’ and is expected later this summer.

Low Hiss debuts ‘EP-303′ on iTunes…

EP-303 on iTunes:

Lyon, France producer/beatmaker/turntablist/cratedigger Low Hiss has premiered his new project ‘EP-303′ on iTunes. The 12-track collection was fashioned exclusively using an SP-303, the weapon of choice used to produce the beats & music behind countless classic hip hop records from the 90’s ‘Golden Era’.
Listen to ‘La Vie Est Belle':
The narrative of the record, although largely instrumental, is conceptual in nature, and follows a vinyl record through its physical production process from its birth in ‘The Cutting’, to the record store shelf. Definitely for fans of Pete Rock, Madlib, Onra, SubjectJazz, Durazzo, etc. Coming soon to Amazon, GooglePlay, and streaming services.

EP-303 on iTunes:

Lights out! Rogue Pharmacist flips Rage Against The Machine on their latest…

For their latest fix, New York’s Rogue Pharmacist is offering a new track mixing elements of Rage Against The Machine’s 90’s smash ‘Guerrilla Radio’. Free Download. Enjoy. There will be a new Rogue Pharmacist x Gods Girls video too. Their latest EP ‘Wash The Bones’ is free to download in the shop. reviews JB Nimble & Onewerd’s ‘The Waiting Room’…

…an album that bangs, and often begs you turn the volume up. –


“…The Waiting Room, particularly OneWerd’s production, draws equally amongst the funk of Quannum, the weird electronic beats of anticon., and the jazzy beats found amongst early Project Blowed. You can’t go wrong with ingredients like that. The result is an album that bangs, and often begs you turn the volume up. Nimble and Werd are emcees that have fun with abstract imagery and braggadocio, with flows that have roots in someone like Eyedea. They talk plenty of shit, but do their best to keep it fresh at the same time. It all comes together nicely, and you’ll have fun catching all the turns of phrase that these two cook up…”

Read the review in its entirety here:

JB Nimble on Spotify:
Onewerd on Spotify:
The Waiting Room:

Fly Cobb (Understudies Crew) releases ‘The Brand New Part’, announces solo debut…

Understudies Crew’s Fly Cobb marks the beginning of his solo debut with a self produced single ‘The Brand New Part’. An EP is scheduled to follow this summer, to be titled ‘Long Roads and Bong Loads’, with an LP also in the works.

Low Hiss releases new single ‘La Vie Est Belle’, announces EP-303…

EP-303 is coming…
Chew on the new single from Low Hiss, ‘La Vie Est Belle’.


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