SM Podcast # 3: SoundPodcastofTheFuture – MYERS (El Paso, TX)
The third entry in the SM Podcast series features new beats, previously unreleased b-sides from the ‘SoundPicturesofTheFuture’ album, as well as alternate instrumental versions of a few Myers produced tracks released in 2013.
Purchase Music by MYERS:

SM Podcast # 2: The Pill – Rogue Pharmacist (Brooklyn, NYC)
Mini-mix featuring selections from the debut album ‘Indie Rock Superhero’ (out now) and the forthcoming ‘Classic Rock Superhero’. Purchase music by Rogue Pharmacist:

SM Podcast # 1: God Hour X: The Remixes – CTZN , a collection of remixes produced by CTZN, mixed in the vein of The G.O.D. Hour, an FM radio show hosted by Citizen & DEMS1, which was broadcasted out of Oakland, CA on 104.1 from 2006-2010.
Listen below or Stream + Download via Soundcloud.
Purchase Music by Citizen Quake City Jukebox (Deluxe Edition) - Citizen (The Understudies)
Podcast cover art copy

1. Interlude f. Blu
2. Blu & MHz Legacy ‘Yellow & Blue’ (Citizen Remix)
3. Interlude f. Invincible
4. The Masterminds + Zion I ‘The Business’ (Citizen Remix)
5. Interlude f. Gza/Genius
6. Alexander Spit ‘Beat For The Street’ (Citizen Remix)
7. Interlude f. Del The Funky Homosapien
8. Sean E Depp ‘Can I Help You?’ (Citizen Remix)
9. Interlude f. Exile
10. Alien Tongue Trio ‘Conquistador’ (Citizen Remix f. Poe)
11. Interlude f. Myka 9
12. Danny! ‘MyIntroToLetYouKnow’ (Citizen Remix)
13. Interlude f. Opio
14. Guilty Simpson ‘Before The Verdict’ (Citizen Remix)
15. Interlude f. A-Plus
16. Alexander Spit ‘Hella’ (Citizen Remix)
17. Interlude f. J Boogie
18. Untitled (Citizen Remix) f. Poe
19. Interlude f. Kirby Dominant

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