JB Nimble

JB Nimble (of Candlespit)
Latest Release(s): ‘The Misadventures of Mr. Self-Centered’ EP (Solo)
‘The Park’ (w/ Poe & producer Tim Adoradio / released on Ear Peace Records)
Single & Video: ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’ | Purchase via iTunes: Its Not You, Its Me - Single - JB Nimble

JB Nimble
1. Ordinary Guy (pr. Citizen)
2. A Song About Television (pr. Cyberclops)
3. It’s Not You, It’s Me (pr. Cyberclops)
4. I Slept With JB Nimble (pr. Cyberclops)
5. Hot Potato f. Candlespit, Understudies, Browse & Cyberclops (pr. Cyberclops)
6. Jester’s Dance [Prelude] (pr. Browse)

JB Nimble is also featured on:
Sean E Depp’s ‘CRUSH’ EP, on the track ‘NNP’: Crush EP - EP - Sean E Depp (The Understudies)
Citizen’s ‘Quake City Jukebox’, on the track ‘Earthquake!(Remix)’: Quake City Jukebox (Deluxe Edition) - Citizen (The Understudies)

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