Gee. is an Oakland, California emcee, vocalist & songwriter. Raised in the neighboring city of Berkeley, and writing songs since his teenage years, he’s released a number of EPs, singles and collaborative projects, both as a solo artist and as a core member of hip hop collective The Understudies Crew.

2017 found the Bay Area rapper launching a monthly single series, working with a variety of producers, including Subjectjazz, CTZN, RIDL, Rogue Pharmacist, Melo & Lobe. Gee was drawn by Pete Cosmos for the series, which continues through 2018 and can be found on Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud and in the SM bandcamp shop (up top).

Shake Em Up

Chamber of Secrets




The Separation of the Wolf & The Sheep - Gee (The Understudies)

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