Alien Tongue Trio

Instrumental Jazz-Funk-Psyc-Hop.
The Alien Tongue Trio’s new release, and third piece in the ‘Alien Tongue Trilogy’ is available now! ‘Summer in Cesme’, is an action-packed adventure based in Turkey, around the coastal villa of Cesme, and on into the many sounds, colors and flavors of Istanbul, the Turkish countryside and everywhere in between.
Stream Chapter 3 ‘Summer in Cesme’ on Spotify:

‘Barco a Havana’ EP, the second piece to the ‘AlienTongueTrilogy’.
‘Barco A Havana’ on iTunes: Barco a Havana - EP - Alien Tongue Trio
‘Barco a Havana’ on Spotify:
‘Barco a Havana’ on eMusic ON SALE just $2.94!
Cover Art for Alien Tongue Trio’s ‘Barco a Havana’.

Stream Chapter 1 ‘SPACE:revisited’:
Add ‘Space:Revisited’ on Spotify:

Exclusive SALE Pricing through AmazonMP3, get it for just $0.89!
Space:Revisited - EP - The Alien Tongue Trio

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