The Understudies Crew

The Understudies Crew includes members CTZN, Poe, Gee, Sean E Depp, Manifest, Fly Cobb, Self Advocate, Husayn Jay, MYRS and DJ MRC. Affiliates & extended crew includes producers Off-Balance and Durazzo, and emcees JB Nimble and Cyberclops.

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The Understudies Crew – ‘Collected Compliments’ (CC5) Mix | Download Link:

The Understudies ‘Collected Compliments’, the 5th and final piece in their mix/compilation series, is a full length project featuring contributions from Gee, CTZN, Sean E Depp, Poe, Manifest, Fly Cobb, Maintain, Self Advocate and guests JB Nimble (Candlespit Collective) & ABNG. The mix pieces together a variety of new ideas & experiments from within the crew, a few numbers from their extensive vault, a couple solo songs, and some group tunes that didn’t make it to the final cut of The Understudies forthcoming official full-length effort, ‘One Night Only’.

Production & collaborations on the mix come from Myers, CTZN, Fly Cobb, Cyberclops, Manifest, SeanEDepp, Self Advocate, and guests Alien Tongue Trio, Off-Balance of Digital Martyrs, Dakota, Nicky of Nekrogoblikon & Geebz.
Instruments played by Derek Frye, Jeremy Goddard, Tom Ace, Alien Tongue Trio, DJ Sraella.

‘Collected Compliments (CC5) Tracklisting

1. KUSHY [Producer: Myers] (Myers)
2. Blood, Sweat & Cheers [Producer: Digital Martyrs] (Gee, Manifest, Maintain)
3. Any Other Night [Prod. & featuring Nicky Callone (of Nekrogoblikon)] (CTZN & Fly Cobb)
4. Pressure Cooker [Producer: CTZN | featuring ABNG] (Poe & Sean E Depp)
5. For The Moment [Producer: Digital Martyrs] (Gee, CTZN, Manifest)
6. Disclaimer [Producer: CTZN | featuring Olympia Beer] (Gee, Poe, JB Nimble)
7. Road Cats [Producer: Fly Cobb] (Fly Cobb & CTZN)
8. Gentlemen [Producer: Myers] (Maintain & Myers)
9. Inhale (Remix) [Producer: Cyberclops] (Manifest & CTZN)
10. Can I Help You? [Producer: Sean E Depp] (Sean E Depp)
11. Kick Off [Producer: Guitar by Manifest, Drum Machine by Self Advocate] (Manifest)
12. The Tiller [Producer: Self Advocate] (Self Advocate)
13. Without You [Producer: Dakota] (Gee & CTZN)
14. SPACE:revisited, Part 2 [Producer: Alien Tongue Trio] (CTZN)
15. Super Barrio Brothers in…Take Em To Space [Producer: CTZN] (Sean E Depp & Poe)
16. Time Bomb Tickin’ [Producer: B.A.] (Gee & Sean E Depp)
17. Cipe [Producer: Myers] (Myers)
18. The Elders (Jazzmatazz) [Producer: Manifest] (CTZN & Manifest)
19. One Night Only [Producer: Geebz] (CTZN & Poe)
20. And If You Never See Me… (Top Secret/Hidden Sh*t)

The Understudies Crew – ‘Collected Compliments’ (CC5) – Free Mix Album | Instant Download Link:

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