Study Music Group Radio on Spotify + a new & improved submission process.

If you’re a Spotify person, we’re compiling a continually updated playlist – Study Music Group Radio – which includes picks from the label & crew, things we’re digging locally and abroad, selections from the demo & submission pile and other odds n ends. Check out the tunes and like/follow the playlist below! We’ve also recentlyContinue reading “Study Music Group Radio on Spotify + a new & improved submission process.”

Gee. drops new song ‘Dedicated’, releases Single Series Vol. 1 EP

Gee’s back with ‘Dedicated’, a free single that finds the Oakland rapper re-teaming with Australian duo Melo & Lobe, who supplied the beat for Gee’s 2017 single ‘Life Change’ and the duo’s Astral project, on the track ‘My Life’. Dedicated finds Gee paying tribute to his late mother, reminescing with fluid bars over a smooth,Continue reading “Gee. drops new song ‘Dedicated’, releases Single Series Vol. 1 EP”

Listen to ‘whatcanisay?’ beat tape from CTZN…

CTZN just dropped off this 6-track beat tape-style EP, called whatcanisay?. A few similar instrumental EPs are set to follow around the release of The Goodnews this month with the rapper formerly known as ‘Poe’, illustrator Pete Cosmos and a wide cast of collaborators. Available first on Apple Music & iTunes, and soon on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, TIDAL, PS4 & Xbox.

In The Shop: JB Nimble Lighters, designed by DEMS!

Get yours in the shop up top. Comes with a free download of the track ‘Fire!’ from The Jester’s Dance. More From JB Nimble: Nowstalgia w/ CTZN Marlax from Astral’s album ‘Eleven Deluxe’ The Misadventures of Mr. Self-Centered

Good Things Come in 3s: ‘Debt.’ EP from Poe + CTZN, New Singles from Gee, SubjectJazz

Poe + CTZN in… Debt. Brand new EP. Words by Poe. Music by CTZN SubjectJazz – The Player | New SubjectJazz album ‘Bullet For The Jazz’ coming June. Gee + STTRESS – Payday b/w Sttress’ Instrumental Mix. New project from Gee is coming soon, and features production from Digital Martyrs, CTZN, Sttress, Astral (Melo +Continue reading “Good Things Come in 3s: ‘Debt.’ EP from Poe + CTZN, New Singles from Gee, SubjectJazz”

New releases from Masterminds, Citizen & JB Nimble, Rogue Pharmacist, Understudies now available on Spotify…

‘Nowstalgia’ by JB Nimble & Citizen | ‘Indie Rock Superhero’ by Rogue Pharmacist ‘Variations of The Business’ by The Masterminds & Zion I, with producers Astral, SafeCutz, Citizen & Rogue Pharmacist. ‘One Night Only’ by The Understudies Crew