Durazzo is a one of a kind producer/beatsmith from Oakland, CA. Known for his non-stop touring of North America, playing two MPCs at once (one with each hand, 100% live, of course) with an array of guests, and (of course) that humungous ZZ Top kind of beard.
A new full length project is in the works. After spending the past few months digging for choice records in shops big and small across North America, Durazzo says he’s in ‘Pre-pre production for the next album’. Which in this case includes “listening through every second of every new record he stacked up, taking mental notes of the best samples, drum breaks and ideas”.

AD SPOT W/ Del The Funky Homosapien for the Back on The Pads Benefit Show!

A full length Poe album recorded entirely Durazzo beats is coming along, almost finished.

Latest Release:
Cascades EP
All tracks produced by Durazzo.
‘Waterbed’ co-produced by Cyberclops.
Artwork by Harrison Mills.

BEATS Vol. Two
Produced, arranged & sequenced entirely by B.Durazzo, exclusively on two MPC 2500s.
Cover Art for the ‘BEATS’ series is designed, drawn & painted by AyeTry, DEMS1 & LRonHubski

‘Elevated’ [Music Video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5XPKdBCjkE
‘Waterbed’ [Performed]

‘Catacombs’ [Performed]

‘Quixote’s Theme’ [Performed]

Durazzo is also featured on:

Poe’s ‘When It Rain It Poe’ : Deluxe Digital coming Q1 2013 via Study Music Group.
Poe’s ‘Get With The Poegram’

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