Beatmaker & Instrumentalist. Based in El Paso, TX.

MYRS production resume includes a large portion of The Understudies Crew’s album One Night Only and Gee’s The Separation of The Wolf & The Sheep, as well as album cuts for Poe’s When It Rain It Poe & Get With The Poegram EPs, CTZN’s Quake City Jukebox, Sean E Depp’s Catharsis, JB Nimble & CTZN’s Nowstalgia and The Understudies Crew’s single LetGo feat. Scarub of Living Legends.

His solo debut came in the form of Sound Pictures of The Future (2013, Study Music), and we are currently prepping to release new projects in 2015 & 2016. Details TBA.

Latest release: The Reign (feat. Husayn Jay)

Stream MYRS 2013 album ‘Sound Pictures of The Future’. Featuring The Understudies Crew, Husayn Jay, Gee, CTZN, Poe, Sean E Depp, JB Nimble, Self Advocate, as well as Elijah The Poet (Alien Art Gang) and TwentyOne Stylez (Kurse Krew).

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