HMZA. releases ’23’ album with production from RIDL, Durazzo, Gelapi…

California rapper and instrumentalist HMZA. (@hmza.official) released a new album Friday May 3 entitled ’23’.

Click here to stream ’23’ on your platform of choice: 23 by HMZA.

For the project, the 24 year old emcee teamed with producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist RIDL (@ridlmusic), as well as composers Durazzo and Gelapi, among others, to fashion a soundscape that’s psychedelic, and even quite experimental at times, when compared with contemporary rap releases. You won’t find nursery rhyme lyrics, misogny, triplet flows or barrages of hi-hats and 808’s on 23. Instead, HMZA. steers the record into less-charted territories, peppering the experience with sounds of soul, synth wave, alternative and indie rock styles, balanced with traditional ‘boom-bap’ style beats.

The nine track collection includes collaborations with vocalist Atosa (on the tracks ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and ‘On My Level’) as well as a handful of California’s freshest emcees including Edgewize, Gyro, as well as SM co-founder Gee., who worked closely with HMZA. on the writing of record, and appears as a guest on 3 tracks. Stay tuned for videos, merch and tour dates.


Follow the official ’23’ playlist on Spotify to stay tuned in with further content from the album including forthcoming remixes, instrumentals, bonus tracks and selections from some of HMZA.’s musical friends and collaborators.

On the web:
IG: @hmza.official

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