Imagine throwing GG Allin, The Streets, Postal Service, Blondie, R. Kelly & Arabian Prince in a blender…His name is Greco.

We’d describe Greco as something along the lines of throwing GG Allin, Mike Skinner, that guy from the Postal Service, Blondie, Quasimoto, R. Kelly & Arabian Prince in a blender and then pressing the resulting smoothie-like goo into an LP.
It’ll make sense later…

We’ve included an in-depth bio to help you get a better understanding:

Greco is a one man sex jams jamboree from Heaven, USA.

which pretty much puts it all in perspective…

‘Denim Dont Dry’ on iTunes:
Stream the album ‘Denim Don’t Dry’ via Spotify:

Be on the lookout for 2014 tour dates in the ‘tours / events’ section up top.
Like Greco on Facebook:

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