Music Videos

SubjectJazz – Bullet For The Jazz (Album Trailer)

Poe + CTZN + Del The Funky Homosapien ‘Co-Sign’ (Teaser)

Poe + CTZN ‘Life After Debt’ Trailer

The Understudies Crew – ‘Chamber of Secrets’ (One Night Only, 2013)

The Understudies Crew – ‘No Higher!’ (One Night Only, 2013)

Rogue Pharmacist – ‘The Crucible’ [One Of The Many Ways…]
(Indie Rock Superhero, 2013)

Durazzo – ‘Elevated’ (‘BEATS’v2, 2013)

CTZN Remix // Alexander Spit ‘Hella’ (SM Podcast #1: Citizen Remixes, 2013)

Sean E Depp – Can I Help You? (Understudies Crew ‘CC5’ Mix, 2012/13)

Aesop (LLcrew) ‘Believe It’s True'(Black Aesop Project, 2013 365records)

Gee ‘Shake Em Up’ (Separation of The Wolf & The Sheep, 2012) Shake Em Up [pr. S.T.T.R.E.S.S] - The Separation of the Wolf & The Sheep

Sean E Depp & Citizen ‘PMW’ (Crush EP, 2012) PMW f. Citizen (the Understudies) - Crush EP - EP

JB Nimble ‘Its Not You, Its Me’ (The Misadventures…) Its Not You, Its Me - Single - JB Nimble

Citizen ‘Inconveniences’ (Quake City Jukebox ‘Deluxe’, 2012)
f. Husayn Jay (Maintain) & Elijah The Poet Inconveniences f. Maintain, Elijah the Poet & Myers - Quake City Jukebox (Deluxe Edition)

Melo (of Astral) ‘Night Lights’

Promo Videos

Rogue Pharmacist ‘Caravan Full of Bass Cabinets’

The Understudies vs Manu Chao – King of The Bongo / Bongo Bong

Gee – Too Much

Sean E Depp & Citizen ‘Move’

Tour Videos
B.Durazzo x JB Nimble x Citizen x Task1ne Western US Tour – SEATTLE Cypher @ Nectar.

B.Durazzo x Task1ne x Citizen – ‘Waterbed/One Night Only’ [Live]

B.Durazzo x JB Nimble x Task1ne – Catacombs [Reprise]

Gee & Citizen The Separation from Quake City Tour Video ’11


    ONO #1 w/ Sean E Depp

    Sean E Depp speaks on… #1: Influences

    Sean E Depp speaks on… #2: The New Golden Era

    Gee Freestyle & Interview w/ Cheap Sushi

    Gee & B.Durazzo + Live band

    Thizzler Fight Club Battle – Gee vs Monterfer

    The Understudies ‘Move’ Live in Berkeley

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