The Understudies Crew releases ‘One Night Only’ (+ Full Album Stream)

The Understudies Crew – One Night Only Executive Producer: CTZN for Study Music Group Produced & composed by: The Understudies Crew, and MYERS (3,11,12,14), CTZN (3,10,13), Fly Cobb & Geebz (4,5,7) Self Advocate (1,16), Off-Balance of Digital Martyrs (8,9), Alien Tongue Trio (10), Malik/elislamicforce (2), Shonsteez (15). ‘One Night Only’ and other music by TheContinue reading “The Understudies Crew releases ‘One Night Only’ (+ Full Album Stream)”

The Understudies x Scarub ‘LetGo(Dont)’ + Album Pre-Order

The Understudies have released the first single ‘LetGoDont’ f. Scarub from the upcoming album ‘One Night Only’, out 2/26, and available for discounted pre-order pre-order now at – Name your price ($5 or more) and get an instant download of the ‘LetGoDont’ single, plus the album will be delivered to your email as soonContinue reading “The Understudies x Scarub ‘LetGo(Dont)’ + Album Pre-Order”