Gee. drops new song ‘Dedicated’, releases Single Series Vol. 1 EP

Gee’s back with ‘Dedicated’, a free single that finds the Oakland rapper re-teaming with Australian duo Melo & Lobe, who supplied the beat for Gee’s 2017 single ‘Life Change’ and the duo’s Astral project, on the track ‘My Life’. Dedicated finds Gee paying tribute to his late mother, reminescing with fluid bars over a smooth,Continue reading “Gee. drops new song ‘Dedicated’, releases Single Series Vol. 1 EP”

Lights out! Rogue Pharmacist flips Rage Against The Machine on their latest…

For their latest fix, New York’s Rogue Pharmacist is offering a new track mixing elements of Rage Against The Machine’s 90’s smash ‘Guerrilla Radio’. Free Download. Enjoy. There will be a new Rogue Pharmacist x Gods Girls video too. Their latest EP ‘Wash The Bones’ is free to download in the shop.

Rogue Pharmacist unveils ‘Wash The Bones’ EP…

New EP from Brooklyn’s Rogue Pharmacist! Download it free in the shop up top, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Rogue Pharmacist on Spotify: Rogue Pharmacist on iTunes:

New from Rogue Pharmacist – “You are Bullet. You Are Gun.” …

Brooklyn, New York City’s Rogue Pharmacist returns this year to follow up on their 2013 debut #IndieRockSuperhero. The downtempo, electro tinged ‘You are Bullet, You are Gun’ is the first single from the upcoming EP ‘Wash The Bones (Winter Season)’, which will release in February, exclusively through outlets which are free to consumers. No iTunes,Continue reading “New from Rogue Pharmacist – “You are Bullet. You Are Gun.” …”

Rogue Pharmacist – ‘Crucible’ // Commentary from Vex (Director, Actress and God’s Girl)

Ahead of Rogue Pharmacist‘s upcoming new project slated for a February-ish release, we look back at the NSFW ‘One of The Many Ways’video, from their debut album ‘Indie Rock Superhero’. The short film was created with Four Chambers and has a dark, artsy, erotic vibe to it, even casting some of the ladies from GodsContinue reading “Rogue Pharmacist – ‘Crucible’ // Commentary from Vex (Director, Actress and God’s Girl)”

New releases from Masterminds, Citizen & JB Nimble, Rogue Pharmacist, Understudies now available on Spotify…

‘Nowstalgia’ by JB Nimble & Citizen | ‘Indie Rock Superhero’ by Rogue Pharmacist ‘Variations of The Business’ by The Masterminds & Zion I, with producers Astral, SafeCutz, Citizen & Rogue Pharmacist. ‘One Night Only’ by The Understudies Crew

Rogue Pharmacist releases debut LP + new video ‘The Crucible’ (One of The Many Ways…) [NSFW]

Rogue Pharmacist – ‘The Crucible’ [One Of The Many Ways…] (Official Video) Indie Rock Superhero, is the 2013 debut album from NYC indie/instrumental/hip hop outfit Rogue Pharmacist. It remains a mystery exactly how and when the live show will come about, but here, the first piece of a two part project is laced with heavyContinue reading “Rogue Pharmacist releases debut LP + new video ‘The Crucible’ (One of The Many Ways…) [NSFW]”

Rogue Pharmacist ‘The Strongest Man Alive’ + Album Pre-Order

A new track and ‘name your price’ pre-order option have been announced for the release of Rogue Pharmacist’s debut coming in 1 week. Get an exclusive download of the album track ‘The Strongest Man Alive’ when you pre-order your copy of ‘Indie Rock Superhero’ ahead of time, then before you know it, it’ll be inContinue reading “Rogue Pharmacist ‘The Strongest Man Alive’ + Album Pre-Order”

SM Podcast # 2: Rogue Pharmacist

Study Music Podcast # 2 – The Pill: Introducing Rogue Pharmacist Fresh sounds from the city that never sleeps: New York, New York. The debut album ‘Indie Rock Superhero’ by instrumental outfit Rogue Pharmacist is our featured release for March. Check out the podcast to get a preview of what the album will be soundingContinue reading “SM Podcast # 2: Rogue Pharmacist”