Citizen (The Understudies) releases ‘Quake City Jukebox’ to iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp

Description: Citizen drops off his latest project, mostly self produced, featuring some help from Understudies beatsmith Myers and one guest production by DJ Fresh, known for his The Tonite Show series, as well as tour DJing/producing for Living Legends. Guest MCs on Citizen’s ‘Quake City Jukebox’ collection include Cyberclops (of Candlespit Collective), Elijah The Poet,Continue reading “Citizen (The Understudies) releases ‘Quake City Jukebox’ to iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp”

(Releases) Citizen – Quake City Jukebox!

After touring in promotion of his upcoming project ‘Quake City Jukebox’ with Living Legends’ Aesop & Scarub this year, Citizen drops off a pre-release digital version for fans to check out as the December proper release date nears. A ‘solo’ rap album of sorts, ‘Quake City’ features collaborations with folks of all shapes and sizes,Continue reading “(Releases) Citizen – Quake City Jukebox!”