‘Bartender’ EP + new video from Astral (Melo + Lobe)…

Hitting the ground running for the new year, Astral, the duo consisting of Melo & Lobe, have a new EP out titled ‘Bartender’. The instrumental release contains three new tracks that would fit right in behind a whiskey sour and a good conversation at your local bar: “Euphoria”, “Bartender” and “One Day”. Lobe also sentContinue reading “‘Bartender’ EP + new video from Astral (Melo + Lobe)…”

(New Release) SubjectJazz Vol. 1: Jazziste is out now!

Pleased to announce our first release from Paris, France based SubjectJazz. ‘Volume 1: Jazziste’, an instrumental EP, is a dusty, cinematic and (as the title suggests) jazz-heavy record with a stylistic, cohesive vibe and head-nodding rhythms throughout. Available now on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, eMusic and as usual right here inContinue reading “(New Release) SubjectJazz Vol. 1: Jazziste is out now!”

In The Shop: Preview 2 songs & Pre-Order SubjectJazz Volume 1: Jazziste

SubjectJazz Vol 1: ‘Jazziste’ coming to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, eMusic, Rdio, Deezer & XBox Music in November. Instant download of 2 tracks & save $1 off the album when you pre-order in the shop. StudyMusicGroup.com/SubjectJazz

Melo & Lobe team up for Astral ‘Eleven’ (Deluxe)

The deluxe edition of ‘Eleven’ is available now and features new collaborations with stateside emcees Gee, Poe, Citizen, JB Nimble & Australia’s Clear Minds. Preview & Purchase via iTunes: AmazonMP3: http://amzn.to/11mfe40 Spotify: StudyMusicGroup.com/Astral

B.Durazzo releases ‘BEATS’ follow-up, Vol. 2 in series…

B.Durazzo has released the second volume in his series of aptly titled ‘BEATS’ instrumental albums. The project is produced, arranged & sequenced entirely by B.Durazzo, exclusively on two MPC 2500s. Art for the ‘BEATS’ series is designed, drawn & painted by AyeTry, DEMS1 & LRonHubski B.Durazzo will be announcing a West coast tour for FebruaryContinue reading “B.Durazzo releases ‘BEATS’ follow-up, Vol. 2 in series…”

Astral (Melo + Lobe) release single ‘Fly’, announce free album & forthcoming 2013 Deluxe Version

Happy to announce Astral, our second new addition to the roster. They are a new group from Southern Australia, consisting of members Melo & Lobe. Their sound is a smooth & soulful blend of instrumental jazz, soul & hip hop. Reminiscent of J Dilla or Pete Rock. They have released a free version of theirContinue reading “Astral (Melo + Lobe) release single ‘Fly’, announce free album & forthcoming 2013 Deluxe Version”