In The Shop: Preview 2 songs & Pre-Order SubjectJazz Volume 1: Jazziste

SubjectJazz Vol 1: ‘Jazziste’ coming to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, eMusic, Rdio, Deezer & XBox Music in November. Instant download of 2 tracks & save $1 off the album when you pre-order in the shop.

SM Podcast # 3: SoundPodcastofTheFuture – MYERS (El Paso, TX)

The third entry in the SM Podcast series features new beats, previously unreleased b-sides from the ‘SoundPicturesofTheFuture’ album, as well as alternate instrumental versions of a few Myers produced tracks released in 2013. Purchase Music by MYERS:

Alien Tongue Trio release ‘Cesme by Night’ + new album stream on Spotify

‘Summer in Cesme’ is the third installment of the ‘Alien Tongue Trilogy’, scheduled for official release later this month and now available to stream early via Spotify below. The first single, titled ‘Cesme by Night’, is an upbeat funk-tinged record, and marks a bit of a departure from where we last heard the trio (choppingContinue reading “Alien Tongue Trio release ‘Cesme by Night’ + new album stream on Spotify”

Melo & Lobe team up for Astral ‘Eleven’ (Deluxe)

The deluxe edition of ‘Eleven’ is available now and features new collaborations with stateside emcees Gee, Poe, Citizen, JB Nimble & Australia’s Clear Minds. Preview & Purchase via iTunes: AmazonMP3: Spotify:

New releases from Masterminds, Citizen & JB Nimble, Rogue Pharmacist, Understudies now available on Spotify…

‘Nowstalgia’ by JB Nimble & Citizen | ‘Indie Rock Superhero’ by Rogue Pharmacist ‘Variations of The Business’ by The Masterminds & Zion I, with producers Astral, SafeCutz, Citizen & Rogue Pharmacist. ‘One Night Only’ by The Understudies Crew

Myers photographed at instrumental set– on handpan. + LP update…

Myers recently performed an instrumental set, playing a variety of beats & rhythms on hand pan, alonside the ‘Nowstalgia / Cascades’ touring crew of Durazzo, Citizen, JB Nimble & MAD1NE in El Paso, TX. Myers debut solo album ‘SoundPicturesOfTheFuture’ is completed and awaiting release. It’s 2/3 instrumental, with emcees Maintain(Husayn Jay), Elijah The Poet (ofContinue reading “Myers photographed at instrumental set– on handpan. + LP update…”

Rogue Pharmacist releases debut LP + new video ‘The Crucible’ (One of The Many Ways…) [NSFW]

Rogue Pharmacist – ‘The Crucible’ [One Of The Many Ways…] (Official Video) Indie Rock Superhero, is the 2013 debut album from NYC indie/instrumental/hip hop outfit Rogue Pharmacist. It remains a mystery exactly how and when the live show will come about, but here, the first piece of a two part project is laced with heavyContinue reading “Rogue Pharmacist releases debut LP + new video ‘The Crucible’ (One of The Many Ways…) [NSFW]”

Rogue Pharmacist ‘The Strongest Man Alive’ + Album Pre-Order

A new track and ‘name your price’ pre-order option have been announced for the release of Rogue Pharmacist’s debut coming in 1 week. Get an exclusive download of the album track ‘The Strongest Man Alive’ when you pre-order your copy of ‘Indie Rock Superhero’ ahead of time, then before you know it, it’ll be inContinue reading “Rogue Pharmacist ‘The Strongest Man Alive’ + Album Pre-Order”

SM Podcast # 2: Rogue Pharmacist

Study Music Podcast # 2 – The Pill: Introducing Rogue Pharmacist Fresh sounds from the city that never sleeps: New York, New York. The debut album ‘Indie Rock Superhero’ by instrumental outfit Rogue Pharmacist is our featured release for March. Check out the podcast to get a preview of what the album will be soundingContinue reading “SM Podcast # 2: Rogue Pharmacist”