Onewerd: ‘A Balance Between The Styles…’

South of San Francisco, lays a somewhat quaint, often overlooked region of California’s Bay Area, known as ‘The Peninsula‘. In itself, it’s a totally different area than ‘The City’, as Californian’s call it, and it’s been that way for over 150 years since the line was officially drawn in 1856. It’s a part of theContinue reading “Onewerd: ‘A Balance Between The Styles…’”

Onewerd releases second single from ‘Axiomatic’ EP…

Stream the single ‘Dig The Groove‘ below, and look out for Onewerd‘s Axiomatic EP dropping just in time for spring and his upcoming ‘Waiting Room’ tour along with JB Nimble & Dan Dillinger. Check out the tours & events section up top for dates, cities & venues. Onewerd ‘Dig The Groove’ | Axiomatic JB NimbleContinue reading “Onewerd releases second single from ‘Axiomatic’ EP…”

Low Hiss – Unsettled

Lyon, France beat maker/crate digger/turntablist Low Hiss is the latest addition to the Study Music Group roster. His bangin’ two-part single ‘Unsettled’ is available now in all digital & streaming outlets, and his debut ‘EP-303’ is slated for a Spring release.

Rogue Pharmacist unveils ‘Wash The Bones’ EP…

New EP from Brooklyn’s Rogue Pharmacist! Download it free in the shop up top, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Rogue Pharmacist on Spotify: Rogue Pharmacist on iTunes:

New from Rogue Pharmacist – “You are Bullet. You Are Gun.” …

Brooklyn, New York City’s Rogue Pharmacist returns this year to follow up on their 2013 debut #IndieRockSuperhero. The downtempo, electro tinged ‘You are Bullet, You are Gun’ is the first single from the upcoming EP ‘Wash The Bones (Winter Season)’, which will release in February, exclusively through outlets which are free to consumers. No iTunes,Continue reading “New from Rogue Pharmacist – “You are Bullet. You Are Gun.” …”

Rogue Pharmacist – ‘Crucible’ // Commentary from Vex (Director, Actress and God’s Girl)

Ahead of Rogue Pharmacist‘s upcoming new project slated for a February-ish release, we look back at the NSFW ‘One of The Many Ways’video, from their debut album ‘Indie Rock Superhero’. The short film was created with Four Chambers and has a dark, artsy, erotic vibe to it, even casting some of the ladies from GodsContinue reading “Rogue Pharmacist – ‘Crucible’ // Commentary from Vex (Director, Actress and God’s Girl)”

SubjectJazz – Bullet For The Rap # 1: Bonne Nouvelle

Announcing ‘Bullet For The Rap’. Over the next few months we’ll be dropping a series of SubjectJazz tracks, produced in Paris and featuring a slew of different emcees from around the world. The first one is called ‘Bonne Nouvelle’ and features Oakland, CA’s CTZN and Brooklyn, NY’s JB Nimble. The set is rounded out withContinue reading “SubjectJazz – Bullet For The Rap # 1: Bonne Nouvelle”

Mores remixes B.I.G.

Between projects, Dutch producer Mores drops a remix of a Notorious B.I.G. classic. His ‘Vexed’ EP dropped earlier this year and is available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay and all digital & streaming outlets. A new Mores instrumental EP and a collaborative effort with Poe are expected early 2015.

CTZN & The Alien Tongue Trio release ‘The Flying Saucer’

Just dropped off by CTZN & The Alien Tongue Trio. ‘The Flying Saucer‘ is 15 minutes of intergalactic beats, breaks and weird stuff like the sounds of space and astronaut transmissions. No tracklist. “New shit with Alien Tongue Trio…beats, breaks, flips, edits…heavy jazz, prog & experimental tones…and all types of ill space shit we dugContinue reading “CTZN & The Alien Tongue Trio release ‘The Flying Saucer’”

Fresh from Paris: ‘Bullet For The Jazz’ is out now…

FREE MP3: The title track, “Bullet For The Jazz”, featuring cuts by L’Indecis: Music from SubjectJazz is available here: iTunes: eMusic: Sign up for an eMusic trial, and use your instant $10 credit to get music from SubjectJazz for FREE. Deezer: Rdio: Spotify: @SubjectJazz