Sean E Depp

The latest album ‘PunkRapOi’ is on Spotify:

Sean E Depp’s latest is called ‘PunkRapOi!‘. For the project, he takes on punk rock influences, including styles of songwriting, instruments included, samples used and song structure. Its rap. Its punk. PunkRap. Oi!

1. Oi!
2. Bars & Guitars (feat. Poe)
3. Cuttin’ It Punk
4. Worship
5. Lobo
6. Dance Punk
7. Fight or Fvck
8. Black Straps
9. Requiem
10. Dude Rap

Produced, written & designed by Sean E Depp.
except #2 written by Sean E Depp & Poe.

Sean E Depp on iTunes & Apple Music:

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