Born in New Mexico. Based in California.
Poe is a co-founder and member of both Candlespit Collective & The Understudies Crew. The best term to describe Poe is ‘Wordsmith’. He simply has a rare way with words that you don’t exactly hear every day. From the depth of his lyrics and writings, to his cadence, delivery and live performance execution. He’s no plain rapper, but a true emcee, songwriter and seasoned poet.

New Video
The Understudies Crew ‘No Higher’

Latest Release(s):
‘When It Rain It Poe’ (EP)
‘The Park’ (w/ JB Nimble & producer Tim Adoradio) Purchase: Candlespit Collective Presents: Jb & Poe In... The Park - Jb & Poe
‘Collected Compliments’ (w/ The Understudies) Free Download via SoundCloud:
Coming Soon: When It Rain It Poe (Deluxe Edition)
w/ bonus instrumentals, remixes, etc.

Poe is also featured on:
Citizen’s ‘Quake City Jukebox’: Quake City Jukebox (Deluxe Edition) - Citizen (The Understudies)
Citizen’s ‘In Search of Her Soul’: In Search Of Her Soul - EP - Citizen
JB Nimble’s ‘The Misadventures…’ EP: Misadventures of Mr. Self-Centered (Vol. 1) - EP - JB Nimble
Sean E Depp’s ‘PunkRapOi’: PunkRapOi! - Sean E Depp (The Understudies)


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