Instrumental / Hip Hop / Electronic
Netherlands. iTunes:
Mores’ is one of the latest additions to the SM roster, whose debut arrives this month in the form of the mostly instrumental ‘Vexed’ EP. Sounds span from thick, crisp minimalist LA-esque beat scene type things into moody Jazz rythms, and over to 90’s style ‘boom bap’ hip hop chopping drums, breaks & worldly samples, all without missing a step.

This first collection of songs (along with another few projects worth) were recorded & mixed over the past year or so, with most aspects of the album completed in Deventer, a city in the Dutch province of Overijssel, which sits along the Ijssel river, roughly 60 miles outside Amsterdam. Deventer is a quaint, but historically rich city, which dates back as far as the Bronze Age and the year 400 CE, inspiring a uniqueness of its own as a creative environment.
It was originally settled by missionaries, and subsequently burned to the ground by the Vikings around the year 800 CE, before being rebuilt and later thriving as a textile center & port that would last many years (the river being the backbone of a busy trade route). You can almost picture the vikings running into battle with the menacing track ‘Danger Close’ as their soundtrack.
We’re pleased to be supporting Mores in a series of forthcoming releases, tailored for each of the coming seasons, beginning this Summer. The ‘Vexed EP’ contains seven tracks, six instrumental and one including a feature from Poe.

Stream the track ‘Oooh’ via Soundcloud:

Purchase via iTunes:
Stream ‘Vexed’ EP via Spotify.

Stream ‘Vexed’ EP via Rdio.

Performed, Tracked, Produced, Arranged & Mixed by MORES / S. Schuurman
Additional Production, Mastering, Sequencing by CTZN
Executive Producer, A&R: W. Foss, Jr / Study Music Group

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