From New York City, New York.

The Masterminds are a crew birthed in the late 90’s New York underground hip hop scene, which features a few key members and close affiliates:

Kimani Rogers [Keyboards, Drums, Sampler, Vocals]

Tarik Holder [Vocals]

Rogue Pharmacist [Producer]

Mr. Len [DJ]

Roosevelt Franklin [The Black Muppet]

Epod [Producer] (Former)

10th Anniversary Deluxe Re-Issue
Underground Railroad: The Directors Cut
The groups debut album, featuring the underground classics ‘Memories’ and ‘Bring It Back’ has been re-issued with bonus tracks and instrumentals. Features El-P, Zion I, Mr. Lif, J-Live, L Fudge, Mr Khalil & more. Preview & Purchase here:

Underground Railroad: The Directors Cut - The Masterminds

Giant Antlers features production by Kimani Rogers & Rogue Pharmacist, and guest appearances by FELT (SLUG + MURS) & DJ Mr. Len of Company Flow / Roosevelt Franklin.
Giant Antlers - Masterminds


it had to start sometime. what better place than here? what better time than now?

Hello old friends. My name is Kimani Rogers. I like star wars, and arrested development (the tv show not the band). You might know me from such groups as roosevelt franklin or the masterminds.

Anyway I just wanted to send my once a year message to let you know that myself and my best friend Tarik are almost finished recording a new masterminds record. it will be the first record we’ve done since stone soup which celebrated ten years on the planet this past march.

from this day on you can consider the station now operational.

in preparation for our new record which is called GIANT ANTLERS we are preparing the old shit for digital release for the first time. We’ve spliced together our cassettes and our vinyl copies and are releasing both the underground railroad and stone soup this summer.

the underground railroad is the directors cut. only the songs we like. instrumentals. bonus unreleased stuff. we are putting that on itunes etal with study music group. (@studymusicgroup)

(‘Show Business’ f. Zumbi (Zion I), from the forthcoming release ‘Underground Railroad:Director’s Cut’, due in July.)

stone soup stays as is with some extra instrumentals and unreleased songs as well. that will be coming out via our old friend dj black panther on manekinekopro. (@manekinekopro)

after we get those formalities out of the way we will be releasing a 15th anniversary book called “rap party” filled with lyrics and old photos. it’s funny what you find in a shoebox. like photos of the “seven” studio sessions. photos of us an a tribe called quest. photos of us hanging out with mr lif in front of tower records (r.i.p). so we’re gonna put together this picture book with words for free.

(‘Memories’ 15 Year Anniversary Short)

which brings us up to date. Giant Antlers will be out in september. it’s the next sonic step from stone soup. it’s dirty. it sounds like the apocalypse. it’s sexy. it’s coming with a 70 page booklet. it’s a big art fuck piece. i can’t wait for you to hear it.

we started working on it last summer. after a couple songs we were like jesus man. this is actually pretty fucking awesome. so we kept working on it. we’ve got two albums worth of all killer no filler shit.

so study music will put out the first albums worth in september. manekinekopro will put out the second albums worth soon after.

so we’re back. it’s nice to be back. here’s where you can find us. come say hi.
twitter: @mastermindsnyc

kimani and tarik aka the masterminds

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