‘Chrome’ is California singer/songwriter Atosa’s debut music video, and supplements her 3rd single for Study Music Group, released in September. Following in a series of works crafted with DJ & producer RIDL, this time Atosa adds an additional splash of hip hop to the mix, tapping rapper & vocalist HMZA. for a guest verse. Video shot & edited by @stvn_mchl


Listen to Atosa: Spotify | Apple Music

Informed by a mixed cultural heritage and an immigrant story, Atosa’s experience has been expressed across multiple continents and genres, first as a songwriter and guitarist, then as an Electronic Dance and Hip Hop vocal feature, and finally as an artist in her own right. Her love affair with Pop music began at 5 years old and keeps her writing to this day. Now based in California, her voice and blind optimism possess her to elevate the spirits of all who surround her.

IG / Tweets / TikTok: @notliketoast

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