Throwback Thursday: Kimani Rogers (of Masterminds) on The State of The Music Industry…

In an interview given 10+ years ago, Kimani Rogers’ commentary on the state of the music industry still rings true…

“Stop being a sheep and think for yourself. On every level people are force feeding you what is supposedly “cool” and what isn’t. [Even] “Independent” it’s the same way… If we, as a world, keep subscribing to [this] “MTV” branding philosophy”, we will lose all ability for independent thinking. We will become a society of clones. All programmed to do the same shit. And think the same way…
In this rap shit people have these preconceived notions of what things are supposed to sound like, and what makes things more “real” and authentic, instead of just listening to the music and passing their own judgment. It’s turning into a high school popularity contest or something…[where] marketability is more important than actual talent…

That’s why I respect the Def Jux’s, the Rhymesayers, the Hieroglyphics of this world for doing what they want to do, regardless of what people think, and pushing the music forward.

– Kimani Rogers, The Masterminds

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