New Music from Poe & CTZN, SubjectJazz, Onewerd, Gee, Fly Cobb…

Fresh tunes from California, Texas and France this month.
Poe & CTZN.
Subjectjazz feat Gee of The Understudies.
Fly Cobb.

Poe & CTZN – Eyes On The Prize (Feat. Juan Alderete & Taka Tozawa)
Appears on their upcoming album ‘The Good News’.

Onewerd – Axiomatic
Title track from Onewerd’s instrumental debut. The first EP in a series.

SubjectJazz – Journal & Cafe RMX (feat. Gee [Understudies])

Fly Cobb – Knockin Em Loose b/w Instrumental – now available on Spotify and bandcamp. Spotify | bandcamp

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