SM Podcast | S02 E01 E-Lit & CTZN

SM Podcast | S02 E01 | Foss interviews E-Lit // E-Lit Interviews CTZN? (Featuring Gee)

For the first interview based episode of season two, Foss (CTZN) & E-Lit interview each other and run down their paths to current day and what they’re doing in 2015. Gee walks in halfway through and chimes in a little bit…we’ll be getting to the Gee story soon (it’s a good one). Featured music is by Onewerd and is taken from his forthcoming instrumental EP Axiomatic.

E-Lit runs the hip hop department at @AmoebaBerkeley, one of the three legendary Amoeba Music stores, ranked the #1 Record Store in North America by Rolling Stone. He is also a radio DJ & Host on KALX 90.7 FM in the SF Bay Area.
Foss is the Creative Director at Study Music Group. Also an artist & producer (under the alias ‘CTZN’), who’s resume includes the groups Understudies Crew, Poe & CTZN, The Alien Tongue Trio, Nowstalgia (w/JB Nimble), as well as collaborations & tours with folks like Del The Funky Homosapien & Deltron 3030, Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta), Scarub, Aesop & Bicasso of Living Legends, The Masterminds, Jam Baxter, Durazzo and countless others.

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