Rogue Pharmacist – ‘Crucible’ // Commentary from Vex (Director, Actress and God’s Girl)

Ahead of Rogue Pharmacist‘s upcoming new project slated for a February-ish release, we look back at the NSFW ‘One of The Many Ways’video, from their debut album ‘Indie Rock Superhero’. The short film was created with Four Chambers and has a dark, artsy, erotic vibe to it, even casting some of the ladies from Gods Girls(!) to appear instead of group members.

From Vex (of Four Chambers and God’s Girls, not to mention being in the video herself):
On the concept
“We based [the rogue pharmacist video] loosely on the idea of witches, and [society’s] fear of the power of feminine sexuality. I was actually in a theater production of “the crucible”…it’s still one of my favorite plays…”

On the shoot & production
“we shot this in freezing temperatures, in a burned out office building…with cars going by on the over pass…you can see us shaking from the cold in so many shots! When we shot the bits in the dark, we bumped into a group of kids [who were] looking for trouble to get into, and [we] convinced them [that] we were ghosts…”

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