In Memoriam: Matthew Vierra (Bass, The Brothers Cosmos)


From Ethan Baxley (Drummer, The Brothers Cosmos) :
It is with an infinite amount of sadness that I release this information to the public. On Wednesday of this week, my bass player, my dear friend, my brother, Matthew Vierra took his own life. Since I was 16, I’ve never played original music or formed any group without him and up until yesterday morning I never ever thought I wouldn’t get another chance to play alongside him again. Never thought I wouldn’t get another chance to sit down and watch 30 Rock with him, or break down every second of every Chili Pepper tune, or exchange inside joke after inside joke. But really, truly, the saddest part is never playing with him again. Please, if you want to show your condolences, “if there’s anything that I [you] can do”, I don’t need a million I’m sorry for your loss’, we– GO LISTEN TO HIM PLAY. Listen to the music we made, download it, have it forever and listen to him. He was special, he made his own sound and played like no other bass player I have or will ever know and 90% of his music is unrecorded, unreleased but what we made together, what he played on our COLOURS ep or The Emcee’s Ecclesiastes is perfect and beautiful. He was his best self with a bass in his hands, on stage, jumping around like the beautiful soul he was, full of love, full of creativity, full of talent. We’re called The Brothers Cosmos for a reason: it’s a cosmic brotherhood and an eternal musical bond. Goodbye, Brother, I love you so very much.
I’ll post service information once I have it all, it will be either next Thursday or Friday.

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