In The Shop: JB Nimble Stickers | Poe remixes Aesop Rock | Tour Dates from Durazzo, JB Nimble, Poe, CTZN…

Good things come in threes…
1. JB Nimble x DEMS stickers.
2. Tour Dates, lots of them.
3. Poe remixes Aesop Rock’s ‘The Blob’.

JB Nimble stickers with logo design by DEMS, are available now in the shop up top, and come with a free download of the single ‘Sour Apples’ from his latest album The Jesters Dance, on which he worked exclusively with California producers Browse & Cyberclops. JB will be touring the east coast with Durazzo on select dates in May & June.

A ton of tour dates have been added to the events/tours section up top, with 40+ North American dates from Durazzo, California dates from Poe + CTZN, a few Bay Area dates from JB Nimble w/ Louis Logic & Psalm One, and more from <strong Aesop (LLcrew), LB + The Brothers Cosmos w/ People Under the Stairs, Equipto, Opio & Mike Marshall, OneWerd, Kensho Kuma, Orukusaki, Greco and more.

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