Theives stole the tour van! Durazzo needs your help…

FROM DURAZZO: On the morning of December 21st, my Chevy Express van was stolen from a residential neighborhood in Oakland, CA. My entire recording studio, vinyl collection, and personal belongings were packed inside the vehicle in preparation for a move to Oregon that same day. A police report was filed and I made a claim with my auto insurance company, unfortunately none of the equipment or records are covered by the policy.

The thieves snagged both my MPC 2500s, an MPD26, Korg Polysix, Novation Bass Station, Technics 1200, two JBL EONs, an Allen & Heath ZED60, Mbox 2 Pro, Rane TTM56, two Aphex Aural Exciters (204 Big Bottom and Type C), a BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer, three Shure SM58s, a bunch of miscellaneous audio cables, over 500 units of merchandise, and nearly 1,000 vinyl records.

With over $20,000 of property lost, I am relying upon the support of fans, friends, and family to help me replace as much of the stolen gear as possible. The goal is to raise at least $5,500 to cover the essentials (MPCs, records, turntable, DJ mixer, and studio monitors).

If we manage to raise more than the target goal, I will give an exclusive EP of unreleased tracks to every donor. All your support is greatly appreciated and will make a huge impact toward saving my career!
– Durazzo

Donate via IndieGogo:

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