Myers photographed at instrumental set– on handpan. + LP update…

SPOTF Handpan promo

Myers recently performed an instrumental set, playing a variety of beats & rhythms on hand pan, alonside the ‘Nowstalgia / Cascades’ touring crew of Durazzo, Citizen, JB Nimble & MAD1NE in El Paso, TX. Myers debut solo album ‘SoundPicturesOfTheFuture’ is completed and awaiting release. It’s 2/3 instrumental, with emcees Maintain(Husayn Jay), Elijah The Poet (of Alien Art Gang), Citizen, Gee, Poe, Sean E Depp & Self Advocate (The Understudies Crew), TwentyOne (of Kurse Krew) & JB Nimble feature rhymes on the other 1/3. Cover Art, Tracklisting & Release Date will be announced soon.

Listen to the first single ‘Rude/Belly Dance’ in the Music Shop up top, or on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify & Soundcloud.

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