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SubjectJazz: The Theatre of Sound (Interview)

We caught up with Paul from SubjectJazz for a discussion on the album ‘Bullet For The Jazz’, the creative process, studio gear, what he’s listening to, and where you might find him digging for records and hanging out around his hometown of Paris, France.

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Study Music : Lets start at the foundation, what gear did you use for the making of ‘Bullet For The Jazz’?

SubjectJazz: During the time I was working on the ‘Bullet’, I was working with my records, the [Akai] MPC2500SE & MPC2000, sometimes SP sounds sampled on my [MPCs], Fender jazz bass and [all run] into Logic Pro for the final edition. I didnt have the SP’s at the time. [Since the recording of ‘Bullet’] I’ve changed it a lot, the setup, with the [E-Mu] SP’s and the [Akai] S950, only using the MPC2000 as a sequencer, and a Mackie for the mix…

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SM: What was the creative process like during the making of ‘Bullet For The Jazz’?

SJ: First, [I’d] listen and dig through movies from 1940-1967, take pieces of films…traditional French films mainly, [but also] gangster, jazz, experimental, Chinese…then [I’d] try to adapt the feelings of those, the old world mentality, and some specific scenes of everyday life into the composition…[to patch together] several pieces, and translate the music into images…like short stories, [like] the theater of sound…

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SM: What artists and records are you listening to right now, old or new?

SJ: When it comes to listening to records [for the actual records themselves, not for sampling], I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental stuff these last few months, like DJ Krush or DJ Shadow, [which I] didn’t listen to a lot before, but it’s damn ill. Lewis Parker also, and all of the Lord Finesse library, Buckshot…

Lewis Parker

SM: …and in the Crates?

SJ: Concerning actual records, it’s growing week after week…It’s all about sampling, so every kind [of genre]…70’s Italian records made my last month…Blue Note ones…always the same color to my ears… right now Yusef Lateef!.

SM: You’re based in Paris, France. What are some of your favorite record stores or places to go digging in the area?

SJ: Monster Melodies, Groove Store and Betino’s record shop…Discogs when it begins to be hard to find [records] that I need to have. I prefer to let the ‘luck of the dig’ into good places [dictate] the rest.


groove store

SM: Where do you spend your time outside of the studio? What are some of your favorite places to eat, drink or see live music?

SJ: Near Pigalle generally…favorite acoustic [venue] is Trianon, all day. Second… Bataclan. After, Duc des Lombards for mad live jazz. Mainly friends flats [for drinks], always better served by ourselves!
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Drinks in Paris : The International.

Eats in Paris : Blend Burger, of course. Best burger in Paris!




Bullet For The Jazz is out now!
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/subjectjazz/id749023853
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ot05eY
Rdio: http://www.rdio.com/artist/SubjectJazz/album/Bullet_For_The_Jazz/
GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/1vVSDqh

SM Podcast # 5: Brother Spins Reinvents The Remix…

SM Podcast # 5 comes in the form of a remix tape from Pennsylvania’s Brother Spins, featuring vocals from some of your favorite emcees over funk-filled, choppy, soulful breaks and beats. Lookout for more from him soon.
reinvented remix

Check out past podcasts at StudyMusicGroup.bandcamp.com/album/the-study-music-podcast

In Memoriam: Matthew Vierra (Bass, The Brothers Cosmos)


From Ethan Baxley (Drummer, The Brothers Cosmos) :
It is with an infinite amount of sadness that I release this information to the public. On Wednesday of this week, my bass player, my dear friend, my brother, Matthew Vierra took his own life. Since I was 16, I’ve never played original music or formed any group without him and up until yesterday morning I never ever thought I wouldn’t get another chance to play alongside him again. Never thought I wouldn’t get another chance to sit down and watch 30 Rock with him, or break down every second of every Chili Pepper tune, or exchange inside joke after inside joke. But really, truly, the saddest part is never playing with him again. Please, if you want to show your condolences, “if there’s anything that I [you] can do”, I don’t need a million I’m sorry for your loss’, we– GO LISTEN TO HIM PLAY. Listen to the music we made, download it, have it forever and listen to him. He was special, he made his own sound and played like no other bass player I have or will ever know and 90% of his music is unrecorded, unreleased but what we made together, what he played on our COLOURS ep or The Emcee’s Ecclesiastes is perfect and beautiful. He was his best self with a bass in his hands, on stage, jumping around like the beautiful soul he was, full of love, full of creativity, full of talent. We’re called The Brothers Cosmos for a reason: it’s a cosmic brotherhood and an eternal musical bond. Goodbye, Brother, I love you so very much.
I’ll post service information once I have it all, it will be either next Thursday or Friday.



CTZN & The Alien Tongue Trio release ‘The Flying Saucer’

Just dropped off by CTZN & The Alien Tongue Trio.
The Flying Saucer‘ is 15 minutes of intergalactic beats, breaks and weird stuff like the sounds of space and astronaut transmissions. No tracklist.

“New shit with Alien Tongue Trio…beats, breaks, flips, edits…heavy jazz, prog & experimental tones…and all types of ill space shit we dug up too…” – CTZN

Download for FREE! Share and Comment below.

Download via Soundcloud, or in the SM Shop up top.


CTZN remixes Paul Mccartney…

CTZN’s latest release is the Debt EP with Poe.
Limited Ed. CDs available at Accesshiphop.com
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/debt./id881875856
GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Poe_CTZN_Debt?id=B7uyjicgvtxknt3jxmkjdkx5324
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/498BZ9QEtezsBHiBFzQxYa

or up top in the shop.

The Latest…New music and shows added.

New singles from SubjectJazz, Poe & CTZN, The Brothers Cosmos and Gee have been added to Soundcloud.com/studymusicgroup and as always in the shop up top.

Tour Dates

10/17 San Jose, CA @ Back Bar – Cyberclops, Free Fall, Poe + CTZN

New music from Gee – Payday (Parts 1 & 2)

New from Gee featuring collaborators STTRESS, Off-Balance, CTZN, Poe & Uptown Swuite.


Poe + CTZN performing at Hiero Day Festival in Oakland, CA

Poe + CTZN will be performing on this years Hiero Day Festival in Oakland, CA on September 1st, performing alongside 25+ other great artists such as Hieroglyphics (Del The Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual & Pep Love), Zion I & The Grouch & Eligh, Casey Veggies, Adrian Younge, Exile, Fashawn, Goapele, Mystik Journeymen, Planet Asia, Mac Mall, Locksmith, Los Rakas, Alexander Spit and many many more!



Poe + CTZN on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/debt./id881875856

Poe + CTZN on Spotify:

@PoeCandlespit @MrCTZN

Poe + CTZN announce new EP ‘The Cosign’ w/ Del The Funky Homosapien, Juan Alderete & Taka Tozawa…

Poe + CTZN announce 2nd EP in their #LifeAfterDebt trilogy entitled ‘The Cosign’. The follow-up to March’s ‘Debt EP’ is set to feature a mixture of sampling and live instrumentation, and includes collaborative work with Del The Funky Homosapien, Juan Alderete & Taka Tozawa from the Deltron 3030 crew and others.

Poe + CTZN on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/debt./id881875856
Poe + CTZN on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/4pN2M6fgkLf6vq3wLUJEAZ
Poe + CTZN on Facebook: Facebook.com/PoeandCTZN


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